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The Salon

A talented team member, ranging from new artist to master stylist, will explore options for your face shape that will also complement your lifestyle, image, and home maintenance goals. Along with your hair service you will be pampered with our signature Aveda touch, which includes a scalp massage, hand massage and a finishing touch! Your stylist will also recommend appropriate Aveda styling products in order for you to achieve the look wherever you are.

New Artist $24
Junior Stylist $35-$40
Advanced stylists $45-$55
Master stylist $60-$90
Longer hair may require
more time and additional charge
Junior Stylist $25-&33
Advanced stylists $36-$45
Master stylist $50-$70
Price is determined by stylist availability and time required. Children without appointments must be supervised by an adult.
add curling or flat iron + starting at $25+
add $5–$15


SPECIAL OCCASION UPDO/STYLE $55+ Credit card required to book updo/style and cancellation policy applies AVEDA HAIR TREATMENTS Deep Conditioning* $20 *No blow dry included. Damage Remedy Hair & Scalp Renewal $55 Chlorine Removal $25 *No blow dry included. TEXTURING/PERMS Aveda Smoothing System Can permanently soften, smooth or straighten the hair depending on the desired results. Consultation required. (quote) Relaxing/Straightening (quote)

  • Partial Perm/cut $120+
  • Full Perm/cut (length above shoulder) $150+
  • Long Hair Perm/cut $190+
  • Spiral Perm/cut $200+

Is most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the WORLD! Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. Not focusing on straightening your hair, the end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine! The ONLY Professional Smoothing Treatment that improves the health of the hair. No Damage! Entire treatment completed in just 90 minutes! Results last up to 12 weeks.

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VOMOR HAIR EXTENSIONS (priced upon consultation only)

Our thoughts on color

At La Tierra Salon, hair color is not just a service but the driving force of our creative and artistic expression. Our colorists and stylists are not only equipped with extensive knowledge, but inspiration from around the globe… education, experience and the patented HeadMapping® system – teamed with aveda professional hair color – ensure you will receive consistent, favorable results each and every time… to accent, enhance, enrich and enliven.

Color HeadMapping® Services

Color Services

Foil Color Lights New Artist Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
During consultation, if you choose a high density of foils within these patterns, we will move the price point to the next highest pattern price point.
1/3 Panel $30 $55 $60 $65 $70
1/3 Panel Division A $38 $70 $75 $85 $90
1/2 Panel $33 $60 $65 $70 $75
1/2 Panel $38 $70 $75 $85 $90
1/2 Panel Division AB $43 $80 $85 $95 $105
Full Panel $38 $70 $75 $85 $95
Full Panel Division A $43 $80 $85 $95 $105
Full Panel Division AB $60 $80 $85 $95 $105
Full Panel Division AC $50 $90 $95 $105 $115
Full Panel Division ABC $58 $105 $115 $130 $140



The application of color or lightener to the new growth of hair. The New Growth touch – up is necessary in covering grey or in maintaining all over color. Maintenance upkeep for this service is usually needed every 4 to 6 weeks.
  Short Medium Long Extra Long
New Growth  $70+  $70+  $70+  $70+
New Artist $55+ $55+ $55+ $55+


Color Balance

The application of color or lightener to the new growth, mid – growth and ends of hair. All hair from new growth through ends is covered with color. Color Balance is needed when the overall color has lost its tone and has faded more than one level. Color tends to fade due to sun exposure, swimming
or the use of harsh shampoos.
  Short Medium Long Extra Long

Color Balance

(In Between Foils)

 $80+ $85+ $100+ $115+
Color Balance        
New Artist $80+ $85+ $100+ $115+
Levels 1 – 4 $80+ $85+ $100+ $115+